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Top 10 geosites

On October 14, 2014 By

The Geological Society of London has named the top 100 geological sites in the UK.  Included are the ‘people’s top 10′.

Visit the site below to view some [...]

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Probably the result of pumping methane out of coal mines, the methane is not thought to be a safety issue for local residents.

However methane is a [...]

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On October 3, 2014 By

What is biodiversity? How can we measure it?

Why is it important? Why is it being threatened?

Answers to all these and more – click here

Should [...]

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If you live in a slum in Manila, you pay more for your water than people living in London.”

Much of the world lives without access to clean [...]

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Over 3000 people have now died in the most serious outbreak of this deadly virus. 

With a mortality rate of nearly 50%, increasing rates of infection are [...]

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Proposals for new garden cities to be built in England have been questioned. 

Brownfield sites are not always the panacea that they are cracked up to be.  [...]

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Underwater turbine project in Ramsey Sound, off Pembrokeshire coast, could be generating sustainable power in weeks.

The 12-month deal with EDF, supported by a generous renewable-energy subsidy scheme, [...]

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Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, which bans commercial fishing, to be expanded to six times its current size.

Fishing and other commercial activities across vast swaths [...]

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