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A view of the leading edge of the remaining part of the Larsen B ice shelf that extends into the northwest part of the Weddell Sea.

The […]

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El Nino year

On May 12, 2015 By

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology has warned the El Nino weather phenomenon could pack a punch this year after declaring its onset in the tropical Pacific.

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An estimated 10,000 people are thought  to have died in a massive earthquake which hit Nepal on Saturday.

Dozens of people are also reported to have […]

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Water shortages flood world

On April 5, 2015 By

Water shortages are becoming very serious across the world.  California’s level is just 5% of average.  Brazil also has severe problems in Sao Paulo Province.

Whist the […]

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Communities in the desert region were struggling on Thursday to cope with a disaster that knocked out power and cut off roadways. Thunderstorms with torrential rains […]

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A £12bn scheme to build a series of tidal energy plants in Britain will be kickstarted on Friday as a planning application is submitted for the […]

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Cyclone hits Vanuatu

On March 14, 2015 By

Cyclone Pam has left thousands of people homeless on Vanuatu, with aid agencies comparing the strength of the winds to those of Typhoon Haiyan which devastated […]

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Vast tracts of Africa and of China are turning into dust bowls on a scale that dwarfs the one that devastated the US in the 1930s, one of […]

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