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So the IPPC has reported – a gathering of the most prestigious climate scientists on the planet has stated that catastrophic climate change can be averted.

Catastrophic [...]

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19 Dead, 40 missing and 49000 homeless as flood sweeps through town.  Real concern about the spread of dengue fever

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Five people are reported dead after the 8.2 earthquake hit Northern Chile. 

It is a testament to Chile’s preparedness that casualties were not higher.  The quake [...]

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Mudslide buries town

On March 25, 2014 By

A huge mudslide carried half a mountain of liquid mud over the town of Oso, north of Seattle.

14 people are confirmed dead and another 170 are [...]

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How will freshwater for human consumption be affected by climate change?

Constituting just 2% of the globe’s water is freshwater.  Global warming will impact on the water [...]

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Energy Security – A summary

On March 12, 2014 By

Recent events both in the world and at home, have highlighted the need for a serious strategy to ensure energy security in all countries.




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Europe imports around of a third of its gas from Russia. 

The Netherlands and Germany are particularly dependant on Russia.  With the current tension over Crimea, concerns [...]

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Extreme weather events in the UK and overseas are part of a growing pattern that it would be very unwise for us, or  our leaders, to ignore.  [...]

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