Implications for business of Brexit – British exit from the EU following the 23rd June referendum

The map of the vote can be seen by clicking here
The very marked pattern of the voting deserves analysis. In general - Major cities -IN Scotland - IN Northern Ireland - IN Former industrial areas outside major cities (and including East London) -OUT Rural areas of England and Wales -OUT Rural areas of Northern Ireland - IN Southern Suburbia - OUT Young voters - IN Old voters - OUT What to make of it?
  1. It is tempting to the vote in England and Wales as a vote against the austerity policies of the government and a perceived mistrust of the major parties / politics in general.
  2. Scotland has the SNP as an outlet for these opinions.
  3. Dissatisfaction with the EU bureaucracy may explain the rural vote to some extent, but also a fear of immigration.  The belief in the countryside and growing population pressure upon it.  'England's green and pleasant land!'.
  4. There was undoubtably a nationalistic aspect to the vote in many areas.
  5. Cities seeing themselves as more cosmopolitan and European.
  6. Northern Ireland fearing border controls and restrictions on movement.
  7. The demographic age difference is stunning!  Are the old more patriotic/nostalgic?  Have young people embraced globalisation with greater enthusiasm.  Most young people will have friends from a variety of different races and cultures.  Is there a sociological difference in their relationships?  Do older people still see friends from different cultures as different; whilst the young just see them as mates?
  8. The intellectual difference.  The more qualifications people had, the more likely they were to be to vote IN.  Again, was this vote against the perceived arrogance of Westminster and an intellectual elite?
A better map will be added later. Will Scotland leave?  Or will the Celtic fringe want to negotiate a special deal with England, as it would seem that there is a dissatisfaction with the present dominance of the metropolitan elite? Google has reported a record number of UK citizens searching for EU!  A bit late maybe! What is surprising, maybe shocking, is that no one seems to know what will happen next!  Even during WW2 the government had plans for what would happen after it was all over.  At present it seems that they have an attitude that it will all be sorted out, somehow?  

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