Following a recent post about clone towns - this story is sad, especially for those who have lost their jobs, and all the people who have benefited from the stores activities. Dear all, Sadly, we have to announce that the howies Carnaby Street shop will be closing at the end of this month. We recently had our lease review with the landlords, where we were expecting the usual annual rent increase of around 5% and we were ready to sign a lease for another year. Instead, we were handed a surprise increase of over 30%. A rate which is simply too much for us to bear as a business. It was always gratifying to have a howies shop in such an iconic location. It felt like we’d ‘made it’. But the harsh reality is that due to escalating rates we can no longer afford to be there. London's overheads make it a costly and cut-throat place to trade, especially for a tiny company like ours. And so we have to concede that perhaps Carnaby Street isn't the place for a small guy like howies to be right now. So on Christmas Eve the doors will close, permanently. We would like to thank Mark, Jeff, Helen, Naida, Jess, Sinead and all the great people who have worked there, past and present, for the tireless effort they put in to making the shop work. Sorry it has happened at this time of year. Sorry it has happened at all, but it is out of our control. We wish you all the very best for the future. To all the artists, illustrators and speakers who have put on shows there and to all the customers who supported the shop, we thank you too So see ya London. We'll be back... one day. Pete Davies Head of creative The shop will close it's doors on Saturday 24th December. Until then, there will be a closing down sale, with 50% off all items in store only. (This offer is not available online or over the phone). Thank you.
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