Hurricane Irma is set to be one of the strongest hurricanes to hit the Caribbean Sea this century.  Reaching category 5 (the strongest), the hurricane is reaching wind speeds of 180mph.  The associated storm surge may reach 7 metres, and rainfall could be 250mm in some areas. This follows Hurricane Harvey which caused $ billions  of damage in Texas and Louisiana.  However the destruction and deaths caused by monsoon rains in Bangladesh and other parts of Asia were far greater. Hurricane Jose seems to be veering north of Caribbean Islands, a welcome relief, but still might deliver heavy rainfall on devastated islands.  Meanwhile Hurricane Irma moves towards Florida, millions have been evacuated so hopefully further deaths will be avoided.  It will be interesting to see if the companies and individuals who have £billions invested in off shore tax avoidance schemes in Caribbean islands will dip into their very deep pockets to fund a sustainable reconstruction?  Can the worlds leading architects design affordable hurricane proof houses? Links on the above are below - just click Asia flood crisis  Why less coverage of flooding in Asia Hurricane Irma Details of other hurricanes can be found by using the search facility on this site. Update 7 September 2017
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