alondon Much is said about the dominance of London in the UK economy. The disparity of incomes and wealth regarding the rest of the UK is often thought of as being detrimental to the economic health of the country. However this needs examination. London grew into a world city during the period when the British Empire ruled the world. Then after two world wars it became rather run down, dirty public transport, poor infrastructure and large areas of economic decline. London now has a high ranking university, the third rated business school in the world, and a major financial centre. It is also renowned for its cultural and sporting venues. It also the most multicultural city in the world, a magnet for some of the most talented people on the planet. Recent talk of Brexit has led to Germany and France stating that they want the UK to remain in the EU, I rather think they want London to remain! Rather than worry about the dominance of London, we should be promoting it. One of the concerns that needs to be addressed is the house price inflation in the area. Another is the political delay in developing air transport. Whilst developing the ‘Northern Power House’ is important, its success or not will be dependant upon the growth of London. The government needs to take advantage of low interest rates to develop infrastructure across both the capital and the rest of the country. London has the potential to become THE NUMBER ONE city in the world. Its multicultural links are amongst its greatest assets.
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