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On October 3, 2014 By

What is biodiversity? How can we measure it?

Why is it important? Why is it being threatened?

Answers to all these and more – click here

Should […]

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An excellent infographic from the Guardian (Where else?).  A definite must read for all Geography students.

Twenty years on from the 1992 Rio Earth summit, review the evidence […]

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Traditionally most English woodlands have been managed – they have been coppiced (branches taken off to make fences etc.).

With management woodlands provide not only many products, but […]

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What would you do if you saw a bulldozer move across your front yard and start smashing your home and garden to bits? Then the bulldozer driver […]

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Sharks may kill a few people a year, a tragedy for the victims and their family, cars kill thousands of times more.  

The shark is an amazing […]

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As posted before, the Ecuadoran government has offered to save the Yasuni forest in perpetuity if half the value of the oil estimated to be under it, is paid for its […]

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 A biodiversity conservation and eco-tourism initiative in the northern plains of Cambodia has helped to spur new livelihoods for low-income villagers near a prime bird-watching spot and to […]

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The ongoing 2011 Philippine Biodiversiy Expedition reports that every time they go into the water they discover something new.

However the area they are investigating – thought […]

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