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Water shortages flood world

On April 5, 2015 By

Water shortages are becoming very serious across the world.  California’s level is just 5% of average.  Brazil also has severe problems in Sao Paulo Province.

Whist the […]

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Life expectancy has risen in almost every country in the world.  Largest gains have been countries such as Brazil and Paraguay which have seen […]

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The destruction of rainforests seems to be going on without any real control.

Making money is still more important than any considerations about the environment, […]

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As we no deforestation is a massive threat to the sustainability and health of eco systems around the world, however new data shows that at least in the amazon […]

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An area of 500km2 will be flooded to provide H.E.P. and boost Brazil’s already impressive electricity generation from renewables (86%).  However there are environmental and social costs.


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Heavy rains have again hit South-east Brazil.  A small dam ruptured and sent water cascading throughTres Vendas distict in Northern Rio de Janeiro state.

8 people have died […]

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Some excellent statistics from Brazil comparing life in the slums and rural areas.

A report about the 6% of Brazil’s population from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and […]

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Guns for goalposts?

On December 14, 2011 By

Brazil, host to 2014 FIFA World Cup, has announced a plan to hand World Cup tickets to fans who surrender guns to the government.

These guns could possibly […]

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