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Top 10 geosites

On October 14, 2014 By

The Geological Society of London has named the top 100 geological sites in the UK.  Included are the ‘people’s top 10’.

Visit the site below to view some […]

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A thick blanket of foam covered streets,houses, and cars in the seaside town of Cleveleys near Blackpool.

Decomposing algae is suspected of being the cause.


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A rather frightening little site – enter your families income and it tells you where you are on the global rich list!

Try it […]

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Kiss Me Slow Weevil under threat!

On December 23, 2011 By

Christmas time and the mistletoe is out – unfortunately due to the decline of traditional orchards the mistletoe is threatened with eradication from our shores.

As ever, there […]

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The provisional New7Wonders of Nature are, in alphabetical order: Amazon, Halong BayIguazu FallsJeju […]

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Yes another post on the world’s population – well it is a big deal!

Click on this to find out what the world’s population was when […]

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Singapore sky park

On June 23, 2011 By

Longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall and the equivalent of 4 Jumbo Jets the Sands Sky Park in Singapore is one of the latest editions to the […]

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