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The destruction of rainforests seems to be going on without any real control.

Making money is still more important than any considerations about the environment, […]

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As we no deforestation is a massive threat to the sustainability and health of eco systems around the world, however new data shows that at least in the amazon […]

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Some good easy to read facts about the threats to Congo’s rainforest.

This is a new website for me – has some interesting articles

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As the Philippines buries more than 1000 people (many children) in mass graves, a government investigation will look at the reasons for the scale of this disaster.

Officials […]

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What would you do if you saw a bulldozer move across your front yard and start smashing your home and garden to bits? Then the bulldozer driver […]

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Loss of biodiversity in Sumatra

On October 29, 2011 By

Large areas of forest in Sumatra are being cleared by a large Asian company.

Cleared land is being replanted with fast growing acacia trees to provide paper for […]

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The importance of trees

On October 9, 2011 By

Some facts – the world’s forests hold more carbon than the atmosphere, especially the tropics.  The world has lost more than 5 million hectares a year since 2000.


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Meteorological officials in China have warned residents across a broad swathe of the north of the country to avoid going outside as an ongoing sandstorm swept across the […]

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