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The catch phrase of Ester Boserup, Danish economist, students might like to read through the following news items culled from the press recently.  Despite multi-billion subsidies for fossil […]

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Energy Security – A summary

On March 12, 2014 By

Recent events both in the world and at home, have highlighted the need for a serious strategy to ensure energy security in all countries.




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The debate about fracking seems to be going the way of the energy companies.

Cuadrilla is seeking consent for 6 new test sites in the north of England.


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The cost of nuclear power

On November 17, 2012 By

A new report from the National Audit Office has estimated that it will cost £67 billion to decommission the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing and storage site.

OK – this is spread […]

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Many experts over the last 30 years have predicted ‘peak oil’  The time when oil production would peak.  

With the development of oil shale and shale oil […]

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Oil reserves in Venezuela are estimated to account for 17.9% of the world’s reserves, ahead of Saudi Arabia 16.1% and Canada 10.6%.

This has geopolitical issues.  Venezuela has […]

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Shell announced that China National Petroleum Corp.  has taken a stake in  its natural gas development in British Columbia.

Two other Chinese companies have taken stakes in energy companies […]

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Back in 2010 the plan to build a severn barrage was abandoned. A welsh buisness man has revived the idea to build teh 145,000 hectar tidal barrage. The […]

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