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Decades of breakneck economic growth have left Chin with tremendous human cost.

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Chinese sources estimate that there are 459 so […]

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The World Health Organisation has expressed some concern regarding a new strain of bird flu’, 120 people have become infected, with 20% fatality.  24 people […]

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The cost of whole genome sequencing – the mapping of the DNA code for any human being is falling dramatically.

Whilst the first-ever sequence cost£750 million, it is […]

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Inactivity Pandemic

On October 3, 2012 By

Don’t be surprised (or insulted) if the next prescription your doctor hands you is for nothing but an exercise regimen. Globally, 20% of early deaths are preventable with […]

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World Bank Statistics

On January 20, 2012 By

A new interactive site from the World Bank reveals some very interesting patterns.  Many African countries appear to have a smaller percentage of people living on less than […]

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ChartsBin has a wide range of upto date charts on subjects such as Health, Energy, Society, people, countries.

Check it out here

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China seems to have reached its pollution fatigue point.

Pollution and its associated health  and environmental problems created by rapid growth, have reached a tipping point whereby […]

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Patronising rubbish!

On October 13, 2011 By

I love Jamie Oliver’s comments about new plans, actualy not plans, just drivvel.

‘wothless,regurgitated, patronising rubbish’ he said.  “Any of us could walk into any primary school […]

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