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Proposals for new garden cities to be built in England have been questioned. 

Brownfield sites are not always the panacea that they are cracked up to be.  […]

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Cornwall is the most popular location for second homes

23000 people in England andd Wales said they had a second home there.

Read about the impact of […]

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An academic study has predicted that the number of deaths attributed to pollution from the airport could treble to 150 per year if a new runway is built.


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Team GB managed to acheve their 10th gold medal of the London 2012 games today after day 8. The medal came in the men’s four rowing 20 minutes […]

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A pair of people on the isle of Jersey have found a huge collection of coins located under a hedge. It is thought that the coin collection is […]

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100,000 people are being moved from the Chinese, Three Gorges Dam because of land slides and bank collapses near the dam. Also the resivour rises and falls so there is some […]

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On the coast of Peru there have recently been over 3,000 dead dolphins wash up. The amount of lifeless dolphins washing up on the coast line of Peru […]

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Hungary Burning Money

On March 28, 2012 By

In Hungary the country has recently used banking note in fueling their lives. Hungary burn the money insted of fossil fuels or wood in their fires. People can […]

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