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Latest census figures show the effect of globalisation in changing the demographics of Britain.

The figures reveal that Britain is now less white, less ‘British’ […]

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A Liliger Cub

On September 26, 2012 By

A Liliger cub was born at a Russian zoo. The cub has a liger mother and lion father. This is particularly rare as ligers are not meant to be able […]

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Team GB managed to acheve their 10th gold medal of the London 2012 games today after day 8. The medal came in the men’s four rowing 20 minutes […]

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We are living as if we have the resources of an extra planet at our disposal.

 We’re using 50 percent more resources than the Earth can provide, and […]

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Google has developed a car which drives itself! 

After 200,000 miles of testing, it now being allowed on the road in the American state of […]

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Welcome to the Anthropocene

On April 27, 2012 By

A superb video on the impact humans have had on our planet – to such an extent geologists are calling our age the Anthropocene Age.

It […]

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Should sport be indifferent to human rights issues?  

Many people have criticised the fact that the Grand Prix is going ahead, however it has given demonstrators and […]

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On the coast of Peru there have recently been over 3,000 dead dolphins wash up. The amount of lifeless dolphins washing up on the coast line of Peru […]

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