pop ukAs ever the British Press is concentrating on the problems of finding new school places for our growing young population. However, many students of geography will have heard of the 'population premium', the benefits that a vibrant young population can bring to society.  In many more economically advanced countries (and some not so advanced; Russia, China), the ageing population has led to a falling population and an increase in the dependancy ratio.  Japan was the first major economy to experience this.  Japan is rarely referred to as an economic powerhouse these days. So, rather than concentrating on the negatives, perhaps the British Press should be putting pressure on the government to seize the opportunity.  More young people, properly managed can provide this country with greater opportunities in the future.  Our chronically underfunded education system has the potential to provide the scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs of the future. Much of this growth in population is funded by immigration.  These students are often bi-lingual or more - skills that can be used to great advantage, not just to themselves, but to the country as a whole.  London is a true 'Tower of Babel'.  
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